More than decor!

Our store is one way we help you on your design journey. We pride ourselves on keeping items in stock that you won't find just anywhere. Whether it's Comfort and Joy organic products, European antiques and collectibles, or repurposed furniture, Root + Relic is a place where you can find something gifts for someone else...or for YOURSELF! Are you looking for one of a kind items? Look no further...we are constantly changing out our offerings, so stop in and visit with us, we'll treasure hunt together!


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“Suzann time and time again far exceeds expectations with her work. She’s dedicated to giving all those she serves through her work the best product she can.”

— Joey Lowery


“Suzann is very gifted we used her twice once on my house and then I loved it so much, she decorated my business. Our friends and buyers loved the house, it was too nice to leave. All my employees and visitors comment on how great the office looks. Suzann made a custom conference room table and custom storage, the items she chose were perfect and very reasonable. I highly recommend her!”

— Andrew Hussey


“As you tell Suzann your vision she listens to your heart. Her objective eye captures that vision with the value of sentiment for what you already might have but didn’t value. She will re-create or make things your unique treasure. Then comes her artistic gifts to spin the room into a better version than you could even imagine. She brings ideas to life. Amazes me every time!”

— Linda Pullen

Your space is waiting.